Oh! My Radio #4 | As Cheesy As Love




Mais uma semana passou e trago-vos mais uma playlist! O tema desta semana é “As Cheesy as Love”. Existem aquelas músicas que nos fazem voar, sonhar e pensar naquela pessoa… e existem aquelas músicas que podemos jurar que estavam a tocar no momento em que nos apaixonamos.

One more week has passed and It’s time that I bring to you another playlist! This week’s theme is “As Cheesy as Love”. There are songs that make you fly, dream and think about that special person… and then there are songs that we can swear were playing in that exact moment you fell in love.

Deixo-vos aqui as minhas 5 músicas de eleição para esses momentos que são muito “foleiros” tal como o amor deve ser ❤

Here’s my 5 songs of choice for those moments that are as cheesy as love should be ❤

“As Cheesy as Love”

#5 Six Feet Under The Stars – All Time Low
#4 There is a Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths
#3 Romeo and Juliet – Dire Straits
#2 Something Stupid – Frank e Nancy Sinatra
#1 Avalanche – Walk the Moon

E para vocês? Com que músicas se apaixonam? Até para a semana 🙂

How about you? What songs make you fall in love? See ya next week 🙂



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